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Win rounds by being the first to get rid of your cards in this colorful card classic.


Try to outscore your opponents in this addictive mix of Poker and dice.

Connect 4

Outrace your opponent to four in a row in any direction.


Strategize your way to checkmate in this age-old boardgame.


Jump over your opponent's pieces on your way to victory.

Crazy 8s

First to get rid of their cards wins - and eights are wild.


Claim tiles to try to rack up bonuses and build the highest scoring wall.


First to 500 wins in this classic trick-taking card game - but don't bid wrong!


Try to keep your hot hand going - but don't Farkle, or you'll lose everything.

Oh Heck

A twist on trick-taking games, where someone always gets stiffed.


A trick-taking game where Wizards always win and Jesters always lose.

New (Mar 14, 2021): We've added "buddies" to Farkle. Also, in all games, you can now mute other players if they get too squirrelly.
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About us: we built BuddyBoardGames so we could play our favorite board games remotely with friends and family during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. Our goal is simple, easy fun. To get started, simply select any game above. For feedback, questions, or issues, contact us at buddyboardgames@gmail.com