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Be the quickest to collect sets of cards in this brain-twisting battle of wits. 👥1-6


Win rounds by being the first to get rid of your cards in this colorful card classic. 👥2-6


Try to outscore your opponents in this addictive mix of Poker and dice. 👥1-8

Connect 4

Outrace your opponent to four in a row in any direction. 👥2


Strategize your way to checkmate in this age-old boardgame. 👥2


Jump over your opponent's pieces to win. 👥2

Crazy 8s

First to get rid of their cards wins - and eights are wild. 👥2-6


Claim tiles to try to rack up bonuses and build the highest scoring wall. 👥1-4


First to 500 wins in this classic trick-taking card game - but don't bid wrong! 👥2-4


Try to keep your hot hand going - but don't Farkle, or you'll lose everything. 👥1-12

Oh Heck

A twist on trick-taking games, where someone always gets stiffed. 👥2-6


A trick-taking game where Wizards always win and Jesters always lose. 👥2-6

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About us: we built BuddyBoardGames so we could play our favorite board games remotely with friends and family during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. Our goal is simple, easy fun. To get started, simply select any game above. For feedback, questions, or issues, contact us at buddyboardgames@gmail.com